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A general pest treatment helps to manage, eliminate and prevent further infestations, Such as:
• Cockroaches
• Webbing Spiders
• Silverfish
• Carpet Beetle
• Bees and Wasps
• Ants
• Pantry Moths
Best results if treated annually. Our combination of chemicals are low toxic and pet and family friendly.
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We provide inspections and treatment of all termite infestations. Visual inspections using specific termite detecting tools including, moisture meter, heat thermal imaging camera and camera probe. We provide extensive written reports which include numerous strategies for treatment and prevention of termites. We use low toxic and non toxic chemicals and bait stations to eliminate termite colonies. In ground monitoring and baiting systems, non toxic chemical barriers as well as physical barriers for termite prevention.
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Real Estates and businesses that use IC BUGS have continued with our service as we understand the importance of customer focused service and completing a thorough treatment. We service both residential and commercial properties. We offer discounted rates for units and strata properties. After hours treatments available for businesses. Discreet servicing of food related businesses.

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We have many strategies for managing and eradicating rodents, including baiting, trapping, catch and release. We recommend containing all bait in a pet and childproof lockable bait station that is discreet and versatile around the property. We also provide advice and management strategies for prevention of infestations. We have products that will absorb the smell of deceased rodents to make life more bearable if unable to remove. Service also provided for removal of deceased rodents.
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We treat internally and externally but we recommend a combination of both. We use an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) which inhibits the life cycle and prevents further infestations. We recommend you treat your household pets as well as your home for the most effective outcome.
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Smaller than the more common larger cockroaches, Germans breed quickly between 30 – 50 nymphs per egg capsule and all year round. They thrive in humidity and are found most commonly throughout kitchens. The perfect nesting place would be under fridges, dishwashers etc. We use a combination of chemicals, baits and monitoring devices to treat infestations. All chemicals used are safe in food preparation areas. We use an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) which inhibits the life cycle of the cockroach and prevents the juvenile nymphs reaching adult stage and breeding.

We make every effort to make business decisions that directly impact our local economy, not just find the lowest price.

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